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TWO Workshops in Newzealand!

Frequently I get asked, which locations were the best I have visited so far photographing horses around the world.

Fototainment EGYPT 2024

Auch 2024 geht es natürlich wieder nach Ägypten… Meldet euch bei Interesse rechtzeitig an!

★ Photo - Workshops & Journeys

The joy of photography combined with the passion for horses. Meet Christiane Slawik and her years of worldwide experience in equine-photography and you´ll see horses with different eyes!

What to expect from a photo course with Christiane Slawik?

You´re an amateur photographer with passion for horses?
You want to take beautifull images of these fantastic animals, but you have no idea how to do it and failed already many times?
You want to learn how to use your photo equipment properly maybe also with manual settings?
You would like to get tips from a worldwide known professional in equine photography with decades of experience?

Christianes workshops are made especially for you!

The award winning German photographer stands for intensive and individual care, the joy of taking pictures and of course for the love and understanding of horses. But she also knows a lot about camera-technique and explains everything about TV, AV, S or ISO. Previous knowledge is helpful but not required.
These events contain an intensive theoretical and practical instruction in equine photography. Step by step, Christiane teaches you professional knowledge and tricks. See, how a professional develops surprising images out of nothing. Get involved into the creative process of planning and preparing a perfect shot. Christiane gives you ideas, how to make each location special and every single horse looking at it´s best.
Before photos are taken in portraits, liberty and riding, Christiane will discuss everything about each location, the horses and their individual tack or behaviour. During the photoshoot, she will assist you and answer all your questions. The results of the shootings will be discussed in the group and every participant will get copies of the shots taken throughout the day.
With her tremedous knowledge and experience, Christiane will inspire and motivate you more then you can imagine.

After these workshops you’ll see horses, riders and stables from a different angle. No more snapshots! You’ll start taking photographs.

Photo workshops with Christiane Slawik:

Workshops are avaiable in english, too. They have to be organized by stud-, stable- or hotel owners who book Christiane Slawik as an instructor. At the end of the workshop, stables, riders and horse-owners recieve some photos from all participants who can take home lots of knowledge and inspiration. Because of legal problems, photos from Christianes workshops and journeys cannot be published, sold or used for portfolios or in any commercial way by the participants. Thank you for your understanding.

Maximum 12 participants
Requirements: Interest in horses and/or beautiful pictures
Equipment: Digital camera, 200 mm Lense, Laptop